Formula-4 (3 lbs) (48 Servings)

Formula-4 (3 lbs) (48 Servings)
Formula-4 (3 lbs) (48 Servings)
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Dr. Benson's Formula 4 was developed to provide that extra advantage needed, whether it be in performance horses, older horses, or mares and their foals.  The five active ingredients not only work seperately, but also work together in a synergistic action for the optimum effect on metabolic function!

The five active ingredients are:

  • Biotin - A B-complex vitamin shown to produce significant improvements in horses with thin, friable hoof horns.  Increases attachment of integument tissue and may considerably improve the thickness of wall, density of hoof, and aids in general health of the hoof structure.
  • Yucca (Schidigera Extract) - Has been used by Native Americans for centuries.  Its suggested uses range from an internal buffer, to help regulate body functions and improve metabolism, and for the relief of aches and pains associated with stiffness and swelling.
  • Papain - The enzyme derived from the papaya tree aids in the reduction of swelling, inflammation, and stiffness associated with stress conditions.  Helps to improve digestion and aids in controlling the "Nervous Stomach Syndrome".
  • Vitamin E - Functions as an antioxidant protecting the red cell membrane from hemolysis.  Helps produce proper neuromuscular and vascular function.  Aids in the development stages of the reproduction cycle, sometimes called the "Fertility and Anti-Sterility Vitamin"!  Vitamin E also helps protect the other fat-soluable vitamins.
  • Selenium - An essential micronutrient catalyst that various enzymes depend on to keep muscles sound and healthy.  Helps stimulate production of antibodies against infection and is also an antioxidant.

Dr. Benson's Formula 4 is not to be used instead of Dr. Benson's TNS, but in association with it.


Dr. Benson's Formula-4 is EXCELLENT for show horses!

When used in conjunction with TNS or TNS Plus, the high levels of biotin, lysine, and B vitamins make for incredible hooves and coats which look phenomenal in the ring. Together, they actually have a higher biotin level than other leading hoof supplements! The Papain and brewer's yeast are great for calming digestion during training and shipping for shows. The Yucca provides relief of aches and pains which is also vital in the training process. The selenium offers support for muscles and helps to stimulate the production of antibodies which is great for when the horse is showing and can't afford to be ill, especially when they are stressed from traveling.



Formula-4 Guaranteed Analysis (per lb)

Crude Protein (min) 14%

Crude Fat (min) 4%

Crude Fiber (max) 8%

Ash (max) 8%

Added Minerals (max) 1%

Vitamin E (DI Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate) 20,000 I.U.

Yucca Extract 1%

Papain 0.5004% (2271.61 mg)

Selenium 0.00700% (32 mg)

Biotin 16 mg


Directions for Use:

1 scoop equals 1 ounce

1 scoop daily in feed

1/2 scoop for yearlings

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