TNS Plus (20 lbs) (320 Servings)

TNS Plus (20 lbs) (320 Servings)
TNS Plus (20 lbs) (320 Servings) TNS Plus (20 lbs) (320 Servings)
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Dr. Benson's TNS Plus was formulated by a veterinarian especially to keep healthy horses healthy!  TNS Plus supplies more of the all-important biotin, methionine, and other vitamins and minerals to maintain a beautiful, full, luxurious coat and for helping to build strong, healthy hooves.  Dr. Benson's TNS Plus contains the highest quality protein, providing a full 10 essential amino acids not found in other sources of protein.  Dr. Benson's TNS Plus also contains,

  • Calcium,
  • Chelated Zinc,
  • Phosphorus, and
  • Selenium

All help to build strong bones, promote healthy cell metabolism, and helps to provide powerful free radical suppression!  Just a scoop per day helps your horse look great and stay healthy!

TNS Plus Guaranteed Analysis (per 1 kg/2.21 lbs)


Total Crude Protein 45% (min)

Lysine (min) 2.5%

Methionine (min) 1.1%

Crude Animal Protein (min) 32.0%

Crude Fat (min) 7.0%

Crude Fiber (max) 4.0%

Ash (max) 13.0%

Calcium (max) 2.7%

Calcium (min) 2.1%

Phosphorus (min) 1.0%



Iron 8873 ppm

Zinc 325 ppm

Selenium 35 ppm

Sodium 0.31%

Iodine 5 ppm

Cobalt 11 ppm

Copper 74 ppm

Magnesium 0.31%

Biotin 89 ppm

Thiamine 335 ppm

Choline 3194 ppm

Niacin 1981 ppm



Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 284 ppm

Folic Acid 132 ppm

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 133 ppm

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocoblamine) 855 ppb

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 353 ppm

Vitamin A 353 KIU/kg

Vitamin K 45 ppm

Vitamin D3 – 212 IU/kg

Vitamin E 4458 IU/kg


Directions for feeding

1 scoop equals 1 ounce

Maintenance... 1 oz daily

Training and Performance... 1 1/2 ozs daily

Broodmares in foal or with foal... 1 oz daily

Foals, weanlings, or yearlings... 1/2 oz daily

Ponies/Minis... 1/2 oz daily

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