Bonebuilder (20 lbs)

Bonebuilder (20 lbs)
Bonebuilder (20 lbs) Bonebuilder (20 lbs) Bonebuilder (20 lbs) Bonebuilder (20 lbs)
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Dr. Benson's Bonebuilder is a must for pregnant and lactating mares!!!  A di-basic calcium and phosphorus supplement for horses to insure proper bone development formulated for the utmost in digestibility and absorption.  Dr. Benson's Bonebuilder has the presence of boron for the action of Vitamin D, the vitamin that stimulates the absorption and utilization of calcium carbonate, with the lowest lead content of any calcium supplement available!


Bonebuilder Guaranteed Analysis

Calcium 7800 mg

            Min 27.4%

            Max 27.48%


Phosphorus 2900 mg

            Min 10.2%

            Max 10.22%


Magnesium 1500 mg

            Min 5.2%

            Max 5.27%


Vitamin D3 850 IU  29,920 IU/kg


Silicon 25 mg


Directions for feeding

1 scoop equals 1 ounce

Growth (450 lbs)   2-4 oz/day

Maintenance (1000 lbs)  1-2 oz/day

Gestation/Lactating (1000 lbs) 3-6 oz/day

Working (1000 lbs) 2-4 oz/day

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